Kevin Hastings

kevin saskatoon tattoo artist

Instagram: Hastings_tattoo

Kevin has drawn for his entire life always feeling the need to create.  Kevin is a talented artist in the medium of charcoal, pencil, and sculpture and has won numerous awards for his realistic portrayal of wildlife and portraiture.  Now Kevin is moving onto the next chapter of his creative career, tattooing.  Through a fortuitous meeting with Michael Lauen and an admiration of Michael’s tattooing skills Kevin was drawn to pursue an apprenticeship under his tutelage.  The Level Up crew share a love of movies, music, videogames, art and giving back.

Kevin can’t wait to apply his creative eye to the challenges of making art on skin and giving clients a chance to wear his art on their bodies.  He looks forward with great anticipation to creating the three-dimensional illusion portrayed by nothing more than the delicate blend of light and shadow across the surface of the skin.

He continues to feel exceptionally blessed by the love and support of family and friends.  He holds enormous respect, admiration, and gratitude for all the other artists, and patrons of the arts who have made living his dream a reality.