Kevin Hastings

kevin saskatoon tattoo artist

Instagram: Hastings_tattoo

Kevin has always loved drawing and creating. His favourite traditional medium is charcoal and pencil, which he uses to create stunning realistic black and grey pieces of art.

In 2018, Kevin began his tattooing journey under the tutelage of shop owner, Michael Lauen. Michael helped Kevin learn all the technical aspects of tattooing, while helping him find a new way of looking at art as the canvas of skin greatly changes the way one must approach the creation of art.

Kevin Hastings has found his niche; unsurprisingly it is black and grey realism of all kinds, but especially wildlife. However he still loves doing flowing script, vibrant colours and all kinds of different styles of tattoos. It is the lining, shading, and the illusion of depth that Kevin loves to create in all forms of his art.

Kevin’s empathy and warmth helps him to connect deeply with his clients. He is as ready with a joke as he is to share a part of his story, or listen to a part of his clients, if the tattoo is something symbolic of some loss, change or transformation. He doesn’t shrink from sharing deeply where there can be some positive perspective shift or growth.

Kevin mountain bikes, plays dodgeball, reads, draws, mentors others in recovery, works on his ongoing conversion of a church into his home and spends time with his amazing wife and awesome son in his spare time. He has a zest for life and is constantly growing and investing in more art education in his quest in trying to be the best version of himself that he can be.