Saskatoon Tattoo Artists

Level Up Tattoo Studios is where tattoo artists develop their artistic and professional skills. Creating custom artwork and bringing their client’s vision to life is what we are all about.  Artist styles including Neo-traditional, watercolour, realism, and many more, we are able to create a tattoo you will love.

Michael saskatoon tattoo artist

Michael Lauen

Michael Lauen is a talented tattoo artist with a huge heart. His blackwork, neo-traditional, and watercolour tattoos have earned him high regard…

Trent Saskatoon Tatto Artist

Trenton Giles

Trenton Giles fell in love with tattoos at a very young age. Developing his artistic abilities early in life, he became fascinated with the idea of wearing art on your body…

kevin saskatoon tattoo artist

Kevin Hastings

Kevin has drawn for his entire life always feeling the need to create. Now Kevin is moving onto the next chapter of his creative career, tattooing…