Tattoo Aftercare

It is important to follow these aftercare instructions as directed. Not only will it ensure that your tattoo looks its best but it qualifies you for our free touch-up program and is important for the health of your skin. Please read the following instructions carefully.

We like to see how your tattoo heals up so if you are in the area feel free to stop by and show us. No appointments are needed. We can take a quick break and see your tattoo. If it is easier to email a picture, that will work as well. We offer free touch-ups and stand by our work. Once we see the tattoo, if there are any touch-ups needed we will know how long to book the touch-up session in for. Touch ups are free as long as we see the tattoo within three months of getting the tattoo. That is more than enough time for it to be fully healed and we would see any healing issues.

The First 48 Hours

Leave bandage on for at least three hours but no more than a full day. You need to immediately soak your tattoo in a hot bath when you remove the bandage. The tattoo needs to be fully submerged for 15 minutes as it will open the pores of your skin and allow the plasma to get out. It is very important NEVER soak or clean your tattoo at your kitchen sink as there are bacteria there. After sitting in the bathtub for 15 minutes in hot water, you will need to massage your tattoo very gently under the water in small circular motions. This will ensure that you wipe away all the plasma that is stuck in there. You should do that for approximately two minutes or until the tattoo feels like skin again and no longer has a slimy feel. You may then get out of the tub and allow 20-30 minutes to air dry your tattoo. You may use clean paper town but only dab the tattoo, do not wipe it. Once your tattoo is dry you will need to re-wrap it in plastic and leave it on overnight. Once you awake in the morning, you will repeat this whole soaking step again. 15 minutes in hot water, massage gently under the water and then air dry it. After your tattoo is dry from the second soak you will NOT re-wrap it. You will leave it exposed. You will not do another soak. Only two soaks.

If you received a leg or foot tattoo it is very important that you stay off your leg or foot for at least three days. If you need to walk or stand, be sure to keep it very minimal. If you notice a little swelling be sure to raise your leg/foot and keep it elevated till the swelling subsides. You may take Advil to help with the swelling.

Post-bandage Aftercare

Using Moisturizer

Skin Masters aftercare balmYou will not use any moisturizer at all during the first three days. You should start using it when it becomes tight and flaky. Always apply very thin coats. You do not want to clog your pores. It is better to do more thin coats in a day than clogging your pores with mass amounts of lotion. You should not scab when you heal a tattoo out. You should only flake a little like when you get a sunburn. Never pick or peel your flaking skin off. If you do so you can take a small pigment of ink out with it and you will need a touch-up. Never scratch your new tattoo. It will become extremely itchy and it is important to refrain from scratching or you will potentially cause harm to your tattoo.

We use and recommend Skin Masters after care balm for tattoo aftercare.


Cleaning your tattoo should occur two to three times a day. We recommend only using hot water. You can run hot water on a paper towel and hold that to your tattoo like a hot compress for three minutes. Then give it a gentle wipe trying to take all the excess moisture on your tattoo. Always make sure your tattoo is completely dry before you apply any moisturizer.

Caring For Your Healed Skin

It takes about four to six weeks for your tattoo to fully heal. It will look pretty healed in two weeks but just keep in mind and be gentle with your tattoo for the first month. Refrain from working out for the first two weeks and NO hot tubs, swimming pools or tanning beds for a full month. Once your tattoo is healed it is very important to always use SPF on your tattoos while you are in the sun. 50 SPF would work great. If you have pastel or white tones of ink in your skin and it is exposed to the sun there is a chance it could turn yellowish brown in colour. To avoid this make sure you use SPF or refrain from prolonged exposure to the sun altogether. The sun will also age a tattoo very quickly. If you treat your skin very well and moisturize and SPF it will continue to look fresh for a longer period of time.